The Little Gate in Valle Arriba

I never painted iron work before except for a clear protective lacquer to preserve the natural color of the steel. And I was not in favor of it at first, but then too I had a bias against colored sculpture until I saw “Border Crossing” by the late Luis Jimenez one day in Santa Fe. It destroyed all biases because it is a finer work than Michelangelo’s “Pieta.” I’m saying I’ll paint ironwork any day.


I did this front design first and forged the elements. Our friend and neighbor, Aquilino de Gois, had his people fabricate the base and frame and do the installation. We searched Caracas for six weeks and finally found the exact color paint in Miami. It took two months to get one gallon of the base and three spray cans for accents to get here.



This is the male side, the outside. It is in relief, solid.



This is the inside…female, sinuous, hardly ever touching and can’t always stay inside the lines.


Male and female handles, coiling in, pushing out. I like the more detailed outside handle because it recalls bits and piece of forgotten ironwork in the old streets of Florence…stuff no one ever sees any more unless they have magnets in their blood.




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