Just This Incidental Perez Jimenez Oven Dial…

After forging two hammers, top and bottom fullers, a couple of big tongs, a butcher, a set hammer, a hot cut, a bending fork, a bending wrench, etc.  I had to do a little housework.

Oven-dialHere in the slowly developing world the plastic oven dials will never outlive the appliance especially if the mechanism tends to balk shutting off when hot. And like car parts in Cuba, replacement hardware for stoves in Vla. is somewhat hard to find. So I forged this little piece to survive whoever might own it, survive the land-fill when the time comes.

The hammered copper escutcheon is the mortal remains of a medallion that was minted by a supporter of General Perez Jimenez who was the dictator here in the mid-part of the last century. It was to commemorate the completion of one of the General’s big public works. But he was deposed 50 years ago, exiled before the work was done. So the paranoid supporter ditched all the medallions with one of his neighbors and skipped out to Miami or Barcelona or someplace. A few months ago the neighbor gave me a handful of the things to see what I could do with them.

Their possibilities are endless, I’m sure.


2 Responses to “Just This Incidental Perez Jimenez Oven Dial…”

  1. I really dont have the words to say how much this appeals to me…
    The whole idea of integration and re-purposing and transforming. Not just materials but ideas. Truly alchemical…

  2. Cool!

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