Kabiri Forge Tour


Somewhere down in the vertical back yard is Kabiri Forge…


…there it is.


The grand opening and christening the fire with a little
champaign Venezolana.


The basic layout; locally fabricated, custom forge with a Rumsford
style hood, the fire pot is from the Turley Forge Collection
in Santa Fe. The blower is from e-bay, the anvil is of unknown
origin, maybe Brazil—it is a little funky, but it is new and just as
hard as those gourmet anvils from the western U.S. We
bought it in the nearby town of Carrizal, at Ferreteria La Ruina,
which translates into The Ruination Hardware Store (???). The
big 300–year-old copper kettle was an item The Countess Myriam
Moranduzzo couldn’t liquidate when she left her last house so
she more or less loaned it to Kabiri Forge as a coal scuttle.


And then there is the wall mounted, lift-top,
stand-up desk,


the layout table with a 1” top, a lifetime supply of
hammer stock (left) and choice S7 alloyed tool steel
(center), all had for 18 cents a pound at the salvage yard
in El Tambor,


and out back, the supply of really decent coal from
a mine in the Andes just a few kl. short of the
Colombian border.


Starting work–the first pair of tongs…tools to make tools to make all of the rest.

Thanks for dropping by.

Photos by Marianthi Constantinu and Steven Nickeson


5 Responses to “Kabiri Forge Tour”

  1. henry glenn Says:

    my blacksmith great-great grandfather jonathon bowen came to the pennsylvania coalfields from wales, and then on to pioneer in the rich pocahontas fields of southern w.va,/southwest va. .. i bet he knew something about fire.. good wishes to you and M…..henry

  2. henry glenn Says:

    i noticed you don’t wear the purdy cooking apron in kabiri forge….henry

  3. hey steven, how does it feel getting back to doing something you obviously love doing?
    looks like a great setup. becoming one with the fire. whether bringing life to metal or forging a story thru language, nothing brings us closer to the creator than to create!

  4. Congratulations, bro! Love you!

  5. Hey Dad,
    That is really cool. Fun to read about and actually see the final forge!!!

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