Treviso, Italy, part of it is old and walled and full of canals and a couple of rivers; it is just 30 minutes up the tracks from Venice. Along the north wall the Botteniga River flows underneath into the city—


and on the other side is this fine iron work on display… some of the grates that used to hang inside the water gates.


It is a sculpture in itself. A detail:


Heavy work—the bar is about 7 X 10 cm. But there is light work around too.


Most Art Nouveau grills are cast iron. These are forged, pierced, riveted. There are enough just barely noticeable inconsistencies to indicate they weren’t bent on a machine.

Treviso. One could do worse than hang there for a week or so; take the train down to Disneyland on the Adriatic now and again if one got bored by not seeing tourists


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