This is what Sam Yellin called a sketch in steel; nothing planned, nothing drawn, made it up as I went along. When I started the piece—the upper vertical for a outdoor hand rail—all I knew was that I needed to work three bars together into a laminated finial and attach it to the rail. A couple of hours later this is what I had. The round stock is necked down to rivet the middle and lower bars together. It rises freestanding through the slit in the top and fits into the clevis on the right in a mortice and tenon joint. The small rivets are brass. (Bars: 1.5” X 0.5” and 1” X 0.5 Round Stock: .5″ and 1.5″) Photo by Pam Reed


2 Responses to “Sketch”

  1. Very good. I enjoyed the purple prose; I hope that others will. Buena Suerte, Frank T.

  2. henry glenn Says:

    thanks steven. just barely skimmed the site. will view in detail. astonishing. coal fired? best wishes …henry

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